Alicia Wlodarski

Holistic Nutritionist, Bio Electric Acupressure Practitioner

Alicia Wlodarski CNP. BER. Holistic Nutritionist, Bio Electric Resonance Practitioner. Alicia Wlodarski has been a Certified Nutritional Practitioner since 2013. Her passion for helping clients reach and maintain good health and vitality through holistic techniques has led her to learn and certify in BER (Bio Electric Resonance). It was during her training that she gained a deeper knowledge of the importance of energetic balance of the body, mind and spirit. Alicia has a special interest in food sensitivities, allergic reactions, digestive issues, inflammation and pain relief and helping her clients increase their energy levels.

Having grown up on the standard North American diet Alicia began to see negative effects on her body at a young age. After learning and applying the practices of Holistic Nutrition in daily life, she was amazed by the dramatic transformation of her energy levels and overall health. Alicia believes that no matter what age or state of health you are in, there is always room for improvement and she believes creating homeostasis within the body is one of the most important aspects in the journey towards optimal health.

Alicia’s goal is to empower and educate clients, so that they too can become familiar with listening to their bodies’ innate wisdom. The approach she takes with clients is Realistic Holistic Nutrition to fit their daily life – all programs are personalized to each individual case.