Krystyna Onufriychuk

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Krystyna herself has experienced back pain from an old injury couple of years ago, she was seeking help from Medical Doctors and using pain medications but nothing seemed to help… One day she visited an osteopathic manual practitioner, after couple of sessions her pain subsided and she was fascinated by how gentle yet effective the techniques had proven to be. After further research into osteopathic profession she has decided that she wants to take a part in making a difference in people’s lives. Osteopathy opens doors to endless possibilities, learning new advanced techniques, evolving in this profession and growing with every year. Being a part of this profession and making people’s lives pain-free without harsh manipulations is the most rewarding aspect. She enjoys working in a multidisciplinary environment where she can collaborate with other professionals in provide the best care possible for her patients. She believes it is important to tailor her treatment approach and management to the individual. Her treatment techniques include joint mobilization, muscle energy, trigger point release, myofascial release, strain-counterstain, visceral and craniosacral therapy techniques.

She graduated from Toronto College of Osteopathy, Toronto Academy of Osteopathy and Health Sciences and a Member of Ontario Federation of Osteopathic Professionals.