Rostislav (Ross) Tchepourov

Registered Massage Therapist, Osteopathic manual practitioner

Rostislav Tchepourov is a Registered Massage Therapist that graduated from Everest College in 2013. Since the first day of his practice he has been exploring the best ways to treat or help any and all conditions through constant experimentation to best address his client’s needs. Through his observations and intuition his treatments have evolved to be as pleasant as possible without sacrificing efficiency. This has led him to discover the art of Osteopathy as his whole treatment method was heading into that direction; working on the whole body rather than just muscles. Ross has proudly completed Toronto College of Osteopathy. Now his treatments are in compliance with the principles of Osteopathy specifically targeted to restore muscles to their proper state by using Swedish massage techniques and stretches for any and all muscles as well as preparing his clients for Osteopathic Manipulations which in effect complete the treatments, without leaving anything out. Whether you are young or wise come visit Ross as he will find the cause of your problem and treat it in the best possible manner and direct you for full body balancing by an Osteopathic Practitioner.