Physiotherapy in MississaugaPhysiotherapy is the treatment of a wide range of conditions and injuries to the body through the use of various forms of passive mobilization, massage, electrotherapy and exercise.

Chartered Physiotherapists undergo three years of training culminating in a degree in physiotherapy, following which they may to choose to specialize in certain areas.

Physiotherapy in Mississauga

Our physiotherapists have undertaken post-graduate qualifications in manipulative or sports physiotherapy or biomechanics.
Physiotherapy Clinic is located in Mississauga.

Muscle and Joint Injuries

Manipulative therapy is used for joint injuries such as a sprained ankle or a painful back. The hands of the physiotherapist are used to mobilize (gently move) or manipulate (stronger movement) stiff or painful joints.

Muscle imbalance re-education – an assessment of muscle imbalance is undertaken followed by a program of exercises specific to the patient aimed at full recovery and prevention of further injuries.

All parts of the body, including knees, back, neck, wrists and elbows can be treated in this way. The treatment is concentrated on the injured areas.

Sports Injuries

Whatever the sport and whether injuries be sprains, strains or bruising, a quicker and more thorough recovery will be made if treated early.

Physiotherapy will speed up the rate of recovery by reducing swelling and preventing joint stiffness. Early treatment will also help minimise tissue damage and provide for a quicker return to active sport.

Getting fit to ski or for other strenuous activities. If you are going on a sporting holiday or preparing for a physically demanding activity, then consult a physiotherapist to help prepare you and reduce the risk of injury.

Neck and Back Injuries

If you suffer from a neck or back injury as a result of any of the following :

  • Whiplash
  • Disc problems
  • Postural low back pain
  • Bending
  • Lifting
  • Stress
  • Headaches

then a physiotherapist is able to provide a full assessment and appropriate treatment.

Spinal conditions in particular need to be treated promptly if long term disability and prolonged treatment are to be prevented.

Postural low back pain can be the start of more significant back problems such as disc problems. Long hours at a computer with poor sitting posture can contribute to lower back pain. See a physiotherapist for ergonomic advice.

Depending on diagnosis, treatment may be administered through a combination of :

  • Mobilization and manipulation techniques
  • Electrotherapy
  • Exercise
  • Postural advice
  • Core stabilizing exercises