On your first visit we will:

  • Take a detailed case and medical history. We will take time to listen to you and ask questions to help our diagnosis.
  • Examine your posture. We will examine your posture and see how you are able to move and find out what causes discomfort.
  • Examine you in more detail. Using light touch (we call this palpation which takes years to develop) we may also find areas which are sensitive or tight and this helps us learn more about the problem. Depending on circumstances we may carry out medical tests such as examining reflexes and nerve and muscle function.
  • Make a diagnosis. We will advise and discuss our diagnosis and treatment plan tailor made for you. If it is something that is not appropriate for osteopathy we may refer to a GP or specialist.
  • Provide treatment. We have a wide range of gentle techniques to call upon. What we use depends on our diagnosis and your preferences, age, and fitness. Treatment is different for every patient but may include soft tissue stretching and joint movement to release tension, improve movement and help relieve pain. With some techniques you may hear a ‘click’ such as when some people move their knuckles. This is not painful but if it is of a concern to you, please let us know and we will adjust the method of treatment used.
  • Give you post care advice such as exercises and stretches.

The treatment is gentle but because your body may already be irritated it is not unusual for some patients to feel a little sore after treatment for a day or so. We will be happy to assist you with inforamtion on how to maximize your comfort and will be available by phone should you need advice in this regard.